More and more we learn of corners and shortcuts taken by mattress manufacturers to keep costs down and profits up; shortcuts that increase heat, off-gasing, toxins, and chemicals in the single most intimate product of all... our mattresses. Luckily there is an alternative to Memory Foams, Innersprings, Dunlop Latex, and Gel-Cell Mattresses that provides a luxurious comfort, breath-ability, and most important; a natural product that will help your body to rest deeply and healthily. We always recommend Talalay Latex as the best option for all types of sleepers but especially back and/or side-sleepers to sleep cool and comfortably for up to 20 years.

 We display the most Latex and Organic mattresses on display in all of Utah. If you’re looking for something a little more budget friendly be sure to check out our Sleep with Nature 3-in-1 Dreamer mattress which combines many of those points previously mentioned in a package that starts at $599 for a queen and ships for free anywhere in the USA or if you’re after something more traditional we also feature a Serta gallery showcasing beds in the Premium iComfort, value priced Perfect Sleeper and Sunset lines made right here in Salt Lake City, and even their locally produced Hotel Lineup featuring double-sided mattresses that are free of memory foams and work wonderfully with either our value priced or luxury Latex Toppers for extra comfort. We even have a several different natural bed-in-a-box collections that you can load in your car and take home today or that ship UPS nationwide for free or low costs. Several independent studies that we have seen show that Talalay Latex mattresses are one of the best products at achieving breath-ability, pressure relief, support, and longevity for all types and sizes of sleepers yet sadly most mattress stores don’t even offer them products on the floor because they are not as profitable for their bottom lines.

We look at the components of every mattress line we sell to ensure each of our products have the best ingredients designed to keep you and your family sleeping well for years to come. In our experience, Talalay Latex Rubber holds up better than any other product and lasts almost three times as long when properly rotated (these do not need to be flipped!). Because of that and several other reasons we feature seven different brands at every price point and dozens of mattresses built with natural products including our personal favorite Posh and Lavish, the only company in the world to use Premium latex rubber, 15-20 pounds of organic wool, a luxury Tencel-faced cover, and no synthetic foams or polyester fabric whatsoever.
Click Here to view all of our lineup on display including these Posh and Lavish mattresses in addition to our value priced 3-in-1 Sleep with Nature Dreamer Latex Rubber mattress starting at $599 after coupons for a Queen which ships anywhere in the USA for free.  and make sure to head over to this page for those coupons up to $300 Off!

 We are also happy to offer a huge selection of high quality Adjustable Bed Bases from three of the top companies in America (Serta, Reverie, and Leggett and Platt) that will work with every latex mattress on our site with the exception of the double sided hotel bed collection and two of our Corsicana children's mattresses since they use border rods. 
Due to the difficult return shipping nature of adjustable beds and mattresses we do not offer returns but have a topper program set up to help adjust the comfort level. Click the above link on this website called “30 Day Trial” or speak to a sales associate with questions. The buyer is responsible for return shipping and processing/restock fees on mistake orders or those no longer needed. Call us with any questions on this policy!