For our customers here in the Salt Lake area, we offer our customers a 30 day trial on all of our standard size in stock mattresses with a 20% restocking fee. The more we have looked into our competitor's online only store's "free 6 mo.-1 year money back guarantees" we have learned that these bed companies have to build in so much profit to cover these return costs that a $1000 mattress from an online bed-in-a-box company with a free return policy often only costs a $200 dollars to make and should be sold closer to $300. This is why they tend to break down quickly after the return policy has expired and getting warranty coverage can be a nightmare. We have also unfortunately discovered shady practices that make us nervous that an unsuspecting customer will receive someone else's returned and used mattress. Because latex is so expensive to produce, a company offering a free trial would have huge expenses in donating or discarding returned beds yet they are forced to offer a free trial to stay competitive with Tempurpedic, Purple, and other huge online memory foam retailers with outrageous advertising budgets and so reports are surfacing daily of customers receiving product from other companies that have clearly been used before. So, we have decided to ensure every customer has a brand new mattress that wants one by not offering free returns. By charging a 20% fee and not building in extra cost from our end we can honestly offer a return program without cutting corners.  

For our out of state customers, due to the difficult return shipping nature of adjustable beds and mattresses we do not offer returns but have a topper program set up to help adjust the comfort level. We will swap any topper purchased with a mattress combo for another topper of equal or lesser value one time for free during the first 30 days. If a customer wishes to upgrade to a thicker or more expensive topper they will be charged the difference between the old and new topper. Speak to a sales associate with questions. The buyer is responsible for return shipping on mistake orders or those no longer needed. Call us with any questions on this policy!

Also, because Talalay latex is heat neutral (doesn't sleep warm or soften with body heat) it is less likely to need to be returned in the first place! Once you have found your correct firmness and support level the chances are you will be good to go for many years on your new mattress. That said, we do ship a lot of these beds out of state to those struggling to find a local retailer with the same offerings that we have and so we offer free samples for anyone interested. Fill out the form below for a free box and information packet!

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